October 2017 Net Worth Update: $488,136 (+$10,951)

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Well, it’s been a good month, I’d say. Up over $10,000 and not due to some major jump in crypto or a Zillow zestimate fluke. Just a combination of diligent retirement contribution, savings, and stock market growth doing the rest.

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Calculate Your Net Worth in 30 Minutes

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A new reader requested this post topic, so I know this will be useful to someone. That makes it instantly worth the time of writing, documenting processes, and editing, etc. What’s even better, is this post comes with its very own spreadsheet tool that you can use!! Phat lootz.

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September 2017 Net Worth Update: $477,185 (+$8,891)

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It’s time to review that number that never seems to go quite high enough, but it sure is fun to watch it climb, isn’t it?

I hope you find something useful in my report, whether you are looking for new ways to build your own wealth, or just looking for some inspiration while paying off your debt.

I did the latter many times while I was on my debt payoff journey. For me, it was extremely encouraging to see someone else’s success (with a similar mindset/approach), and to think and dream about how I might have success as well.

And I did. I paid off over $150,000 in debt (including my home), and life has never been the same.

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