SSL / HTTPS For Your Blog or Website ($79)

Do you currently run your blog or website without encryption? Did you realize that any data you send to and from your site is being sent in clear text? If you’re interested in switching your site to SSL you can check out this quick tutorial.

If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, that’s totally understandable. You’ve worked super hard on your site, and you don’t want to play with fire and risk your site being offline or broken for a long period of time. I offer HTTPS Setup Services for your blog or website.

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Secure Your WordPress Site ($200)

If you are concerned about the security and soundness of your site, please let me know, and I can help you implement security best practices. This will include:

  • Configuration of SSL/HTTPS for your site
  • Security measures to defend (and notify you) against brute-force logins
  • Set privileges to prevent attackers from capturing your admin ID
  • Configuration of site backups in case you or someone else breaks your site
  • “Anonymize” your blog to prevent people from discovering your identity
  • 30 minute “Wrap-Up” session to discuss any questions you may have related to security

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Technology Tutoring and Training ($50/hr)

I have held certifications in Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, EMC, and CompTIA. If you are looking to break into a new job in technology/infrastructure, I offer my time on an hourly basis.

I’ll be happy to help you work with any rough spots in your understanding, or even help you prepare for and obtain a new certification.

I have a passion for teaching, and I hope I can help you achieve your next learning objective!

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Career Coaching ($75/hr)

Information Technology & Information Security

In just 10 years, I went from helpdesk technician to VP/Director of Security for a multi-billion dollar financial institution. I have seen and worked in every position in between.

Are you looking to break into Information Technology or Information Security? I can help you learn the ropes, write your resume, find and kill it on interviews, and negotiate the right rate for your position.

Organizational Leadership

Do you feel that you’ve always been a natural leader, and you’d like to break into the management ranks? I can help you get there as well. Not only have I always been the youngest manager in my department(s), but I established solid reputations with my peers, and even got my companies to pay for most of my education (my MBA was 100% covered).

I can help you work through everything from choosing the right job to negotiating for more pay, bonuses, and vacation. Because I’ve done it! Since entering management, I’ve doubled my income.

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Systems Implementation and Support
(Rates Depend on Services)

I’ve spent the last 10 years of my career working in and around datacenter environments. If you meet the following criteria, we should probably chat:

  • You work for, or run a small to medium sized business
  • You have a server, network, or PC environment of under 2,000 PCs and 500 servers
  • You run any of the following:
    • Microsoft’s suite of products (Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchange, SQL, SCCM, Hyper-V)
    • Cisco, Palo Alto, or Brocade routers, switches, or firewalls.
    • VMware, ANY Storage Platform, SolarWinds, IBM Bigfix
    • Carbon Black, PhishMe, Cisco ESA/WSA, StealthBits, TrendMicro, McAfee
    • If it’s not listed, still worth a shot mentioning it, and I’ll try to point you in the right direction

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