Experience Life While Saving Money

Some Context

Recently, I got an unexpected bonus from my 9-5, so my wife and I were discussing what to do with it.

We agreed to take 20% of it and do something fun, then invest the rest. 20% worked out to about $360. We decided to create an experience with these funds, as opposed to buying some object/item/thing.

You may already know that we are debt free and, by the standards of most, shouldn’t really need to worry about how we spend our money anymore.

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Why I Don’t Save For My Daughter’s College Education

Some Context

I’ve always wanted to help my kids find success in education.

My parents didn’t save a dime for my college education, and not because they didn’t want to.

They couldn’t afford it. They made a series of poor financial decisions, mostly living a larger life than they could afford. We were one of those families that couldn’t pay rent or car payments, but we always had satellite TV. The unfortunate result for me was many years of instability and uncertainty as a kid.

I found out at age 15 that, after asking about options for college, I was on my own.

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2 Lessons I Learned While Paying Off Debt

Charleston Tea Plantation (SC), October 2013

“Oh my god, I love this. Smell it! …

…Aghh, $12.50?? Maybe next time.”

“Babe, go ahead and get it. It’ll be fine, we’ll figure it out.”

[She loves all things tea. It sure smells nice, and she did that flirty giggle thing she does when something truly makes her happy.]

“But it’s 12 bucks. Chris, stop, I don’t need it that bad.”

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On the Side Hustle

The Rat Race

I’ve pretty much always wanted out of the rat race.

I first read about the “rat race” concept when I was 22 years old, working my first IT job as a helpdesk technician. I had become acquainted with a co-worker and software developer in his 40’s. He was constantly trying to think of the next big idea that would make him rich and get him out of his 9-5 job. A couple years later, he wised up, quit his job to start his own business as a barber, and I never heard from him again.

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