October 2017 Flexible and Passive Income Update: $1,275.72

The Premise of this Series

At the beginning of 2019, I will quit my job as a cybersecurity operations director.

Want to get caught up? Go check out my first post of this series.

I’m not financially independent, and I won’t be retiring early, at least not for a while, even with a healthy net worth. Call me spoiled, but I can’t stand the traditional work routine. I’m going to escape it through the use of multiple income streams, some passive, some flexible.

If you’re confused, seriously, I explain everything in my first post.

To be better prepared for leaving traditional work, I’m tracking our progress through this series. Enjoy and make sure you subscribe to get updates on our journey!

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October 2017 Net Worth Update: $488,136 (+$10,951)

Thanks for stopping by to check out my latest net worth report!

Well, it’s been a good month, I’d say. Up over $10,000 and not due to some major jump in crypto or a Zillow zestimate fluke. Just a combination of diligent retirement contribution, savings, and stock market growth doing the rest.

Hey real quick – I’d like to thank The Dad Wallet for sponsoring this post! He’s a fellow geek who has a passion for family and finance. He and his wife work with Destiny Rescue, which is committed to rescuing children trapped in the sex trade. He’s doing a side hustle series over on his site, so go check him out and learn about more ways to make some side cash.

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Life Update for the Last Two Weeks

Hey everyone, I thought I’d do a quick life update to give you an idea of what’s going on in my world for the past couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy!

Family Trip in Washington D.C.

We went to D.C. last week, and we had a great time. Alison and I like to say that a trip with the kids isn’t “vacation”, it’s a “family trip”.

Taking kids can be very stressful because you have to organize all of your travel, tours, food, other hanging out around the kids’ needs. Things like nap time, meals, and just getting kids ready to go can all take up significant amounts of time. I think we spend like 4-5 hours on all of that stuff daily.

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