On the Side Hustle

The Rat Race

I’ve pretty much always wanted out of the rat race.

I first read about the “rat race” concept when I was 22 years old, working my first IT job as a helpdesk technician. I had become acquainted with a co-worker and software developer in his 40’s. He was constantly trying to think of the next big idea that would make him rich and get him out of his 9-5 job. A couple years later, he wised up, quit his job to start his own business as a barber, and I never heard from him again.

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Grades Do Not Guarantee Success With Money

grades do not guarantee success

Stress Over College Options

This past weekend, we were at the park for a photo shoot. Daughter_02 was recently diagnosed with a neurological disorder (for more info, check out What is AS?). She is being featured in a local article which will promote awareness for kids with disabilities.

As the session ended and we were getting packed up, the photographer and coordinator entered into a very familiar discussion. Their teenagers were graduating highschool, so it was time to compare grades, college choices, etc. There was some serious stress being communicated about grades and strengths and weaknesses of various colleges.

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