Awesome Partners

What’s up, entrepreneurial and inspirational peeps?!

Looking to get your product or site exposure to a new crowd? I’m opening up sponsorship opportunities for you to build your audience while also keeping DFG afloat.

Let’s be partners!

I’m especially interested in partnering up if you’re a regular reader. How can we create better and more helpful content for our audiences?

If you’re new here, that’s OK, too. Let’s discuss how your content or product is relevant to my readers and make sure it’s a good fit.

Step 1 – Contact Me

Let’s connect and discuss your objectives and any questions either of us might have. You can contact me via email, Twitter DM, or my contact page.

Step 2 – Come Back Here and Sign Up Below

After we’ve talked, you can come back here and fill out the subscription box below.

There’s also an explanation of each option at the bottom of the page.

Subscription options

Description of Sponsorship Options

These are month-to-month sponsorships which can be cancelled at any time.

Twitter Sponsor (limited) $5/month

– I’ll tweet your site or content 3 days a week (12-15 a month), content of your choice

– I average 149 impressions per tweet and 1.12 URL clicks per tweet

Post Sponsor (limit to 3 sponsors) $10/month

– I’ll promote your site (and only yours, unless it’s a guest post or something like that) in two of my posts each month

Partner Sponsor (limited to 3 partners) $10/month

– I’ll feature your site name and link at the top of my site under Awesome Partners. This will be limited to three partner slots.

Have Other Ideas?

I’m open to creative suggestions and pitches so feel free to hit me up via email, Twitter DM, or my contact page.