March 2018 Net Worth Update: $584,421 (-$8,711)

Hello, and thanks for checking out this March 2018 net worth update!

March was such a busy month for us, and we are exhausted:

  • Cryptocurrency market is in the crapper, another 21% decline
  • We sold our home after just four days on the market
  • The principle balances on our rental property loans are going down!

Blood Everywhere

I can’t believe it. In January, I had over $100,000 in cryptocurrency.

Today, I have just under $60,000. I think most people would be so panicked right now, but I’m not. No way am I getting out right now. This is where the whales buy up all those weak hands.

Even at $60,000, I’m looking at over 50% growth. However, I think it’s important not to transfer or sell the currency due to the tax implications. I’ve decided I want to wait until I have low income years to sell or transfer my currency. Consult a tax professional for advice.

Over 300% Increase in Cash!

You’d be surprised at how difficult it is to cash a check for over $100,000.

We had our home under contract with a cash buyer four days after we listed it, and we closed less than two weeks later.

I’ve highlighted that change in purple on the table below.

As I said before, we plan to use this cash as a down payment on more rental property, so we are on the hunt!

Why So Exhausted?

From preparing a house to sell, and beginning the rehab on our new fixer upper, we’ve had our hands full.

This month, here are some of the repairs we completed on our fixer upper:

  • Tore up and removed all the carpet, padding, tack strips, nails
  • Replaced several pieces of rotted/damaged OSB (subflooring)
  • Primed all floor and wall areas with significant staining/odors
  • Laid vinyl plank flooring in three of the rooms, and the living room
  • lots more…too much to list!

We are now living in our fixer upper, and we’re planning to replace the front and back doors in the coming weeks. These will be huge improvements from both energy and lighting perspectives. Both bathrooms and the kitchen need work. The fireplace is completely rusted out, and the wood siding is rotted and needs to be replaced.

But we absolutely love this house, and I haven’t been this happy in a long time. Downsizing, living on less, in a simpler, quieter neighborhood in a better location with better schools.

Here’s the net worth chart for your viewing pleasure:

I am back posting the past few months of net worth updates, as of May 2018, mainly because I like to see them broken down per month.

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