January 2018 Net Worth Update: $603,530 (+$30,623)

Hey there, and welcome to my January 2018 net worth update!

January brought over 15% growth to my cryptocurrency holdings (that’s what most of you think of as “Bitcoin”). This has really been a great investment for me, and I’ve written up a guide on how to buy crypto safely and securely. You can buy a copy here.

Rental Properties

The first mortgage payments on my two rentals haven’t come due yet, so the loan balances have stayed the same. The appraisals came back at $74,000 per property so I’m relying on the appraisal instead of the roller coaster better known as “Zillow”.

Stock Market

My brokerage accounts and retirement accounts have benefited from overall market growth, and I continue to invest with each paycheck. Nothing too new to report here.

Credit Cards

You’ll notice that my credit card balance is almost $10,000. That is quite high for us. The reason is that I paid $2700 for half of a log cabin booking for our family’s Christmas vacation! The other half is due in October, and we have four families going so we’re all splitting this cost up. Isn’t it awesome to be able to pay for family trips?

The other thing I bought was another $3,000 in cryptocurrency (Ripple / XRP). I think this currency has  a lot of potential down the road so we’ll see where it goes.

Here’s a look at the chart:

I am back posting the past few months of net worth updates, as of May 2018, mainly because I like to see them broken down per month.

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