November 2017 Net Worth Update: $517,546 (+$29,410)

Wow. November flew by and left us with straight-up monster gains.

Plus, we are now HALF MILLIONAIRES!!!

I’m celebrating by offering you a KILLER deal. Keep reading to see how you can get HALF OFF my new Cryptocurrency for Beginners guide.

Thank you, Cryptocurrency/Digital Tulips/Bubble-coins.


At this point, I can’t say I agree with the valuations of crypto. I mean, many of these projects are still in the development phases. They haven’t produced any meaningful results yet. So… imagine what will happen when they do (or don’t)?

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Pretty Visual Aid For Ye’

Here’s the graphical goodness which I like to look upon and drool for a few minutes each month.

Below you will find a table showing the last three months of all of our accounts. We like it when cash trends upward (those are the top two rows).

Health Savings Account

Our immediate goal is to get this account up to $13,000, which is our out of pocket maximum for our health insurance plan. So we’re 54% complete!

I’ve read the recommendation by Mad Fientistย to invest your HSA into the stock market and not touch it for medical expenses, and we’ve considered it.

Apparently, you can contribute, grow and withdraw it tax-free as long as it’s intended to reimburse you for medical expenses you’ve incurred over your lifetime. Not a bad idea, and we’ll likely make that move at some point.

Coverdell ESA

We’re saving for our oldest daughter’s college education. We won’t continue saving in 2019 when I quit my job. We won’t have enough to contribute, so I’m glad we’re doing it now.

If we’re fortunate, she won’t even need it when she’s ready. Since she’s only 4, we have more than 10 years before we really need to start having that conversation.

Brokerage Accounts

The majority of the brokerage accounts are not actually invested in the stock market anymore. The majority of that money was being saved for our first real estate property investment, so I pulled it out of the market a couple of months ago to avoid losing any of it. We planned to make a purchase in Q4 of this year. (Spoiler: we did it!)

So the break down of our brokerage accounts was as follows:

  • Real Estate Savings: $54,036 (in cash)
  • Car Fund: $1,124 (in VFIAX)
  • Emergency Fund: 13,575 (in VFIAX)

Crypto Accounts

By far, my largest gains of the year have come from cryptocurrency. To date, I’ve grown an investment of $24,000 to over $51,000.

That’s more than 110% growth!

Getting into cryptocurrency has, without question, been a fantastic use of my cash. It wasn’t easy for me to get started because I wasn’t sure where to begin.

  • Which online exchange should I use to trade?
  • Should I buy Bitcoin? Should I buy Ethereum? What about Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold?
  • What’s this “alt coin” everyone’s talking about?
  • What’s a blockchain?
  • How can I protect my investment from hackers?
  • Is my money safe? Aghhhhhhhh

So many questions, but over time and through reading hundreds of articles, listening and watching hundreds of videos and podcasts, anything I could get my hands on, I found the answers. I wrote a guide, but I’ve since taken it down because it didn’t sell very well. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are my Cryptocurrency Holdings

For the first time, I’m sharing my holdings. Enjoy:


My guide also includes access to my Simple Crypto Portfolio Tracker.ย This spreadsheet will help you track your overall growth. This is the simplest method I’ve found, and I like the summary it provides:

Retirement Accounts

We contributed $3,124 to our traditional 401k, and all of our accounts (a trad 401k, two roth IRAs) grew by over $5,000 due to market growth. Pretty awesome!

We have stopped contributing to our Roth IRAs in order to focus solely on pre-tax contributions which saves us on taxes and leaves us more money for real estate investing.


I’m simply depreciating our vehicles using the straight-line method which takes the “usable life” of an asset and spreads the value out over that period of time. I’m assigning 15 years of usable life for each vehicle.

Credit Cards

The balance on our cards was much higher this past month because we’ve booked our flights and hotel for our vacation to Rome in the Spring of next year.

Note: We pay our cards in full at the end of each month.

A Word of Encouragement

If you are still early in your financial journey, I encourage you to keep at it. Stick to your guns.

We’ve done some of the weirdest and craziest things to get out of debt. Even in our current situation, being 100% debt free, we are looking to downsize our home.

If you’re living your life differently than your peers, GOOD. Keep doing it. One day it will pay off! But, remember not to wait until that day to live your life.

Hope you found my update helpful in some way. Do you have any questions? Do you have any successes to share?

10 Replies to “November 2017 Net Worth Update: $517,546 (+$29,410)”

    1. Riding the wave. I don’t know the exit point, but I do believe in $100K per Bitcoin before a crash…

      So maybe I make it out at $70K?

      I’ve also considered pulling out my initial investment of $24K and leaving the rest, but I think I’ll do that when things get REALLY chaotic.

      1. Don’t wait. Just think about this in terms of a normal market: Would you be disappointed with 400% returns? Would you be mad to get your principal back after two months of exposure and play with the house’s money?

        Of course not. But if you wait, you’ll probably run into the same problem as everyone else: All the exchanges will be “performing maintenance.”

    1. Ah – well I could see that, but what are you going to be saying when bitcoin hits $50,000? Just remember the key point. Don’t put in more than you can stand to lose. If that’s $0, then you shouldn’t be investing in cryptocurrency! But if you have $1000 you don’t mind burning; there’s no time like the present. Just my two cents. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Good stuff! Too many people in the personal finance movement are shying away from crypto, and it’s at their loss! The idea that hyperinflated currencies can compete with bitcoin is just naive. Even with its current fees and transfer times, its the only valuable wealth that a lot of Venezuelans own.

    Just check Twitter. It’s simple.

  2. Good on you for keeping your ETH and BTC and stuff, Chris! In this past month, before the huge gains (of course), I pulled out pretty much all of my Ethereum. I didn’t really lose any money, but if I had held onto it for just a few more weeks, I would’ve been up over $10,000.00! Argh!

    The only thing that makes me feel better is that nobody knows what will/could happen in regard to these currencies. It’s equally likely that Ethereum could’ve taken a nosedive and I’d be out all that money. Plus, with all the hacking of exchanges, etc., I feel like I just don’t have the stomach for it.

    I did have some Litecoin that I cashed out after the most recent gains, so I was able to get my original investment back PLUS being up almost $2,000.00 – so that’s at least something!

    Do you use a hardware or software wallet to hold onto your currencies?

    1. Hey Shawn, I use Trezor for my hardware wallet, and I don’t recommend using software wallets just because I don’t trust the laptop/PC environment. Check out Trezor.

      I hear you on the “no one knows what the future holds” point, and I agree. Warren Buffet says you can’t get caught up in all of that. You just have to get in and get out and make the amount of money you think is enough, and forget the rest.

  3. My small crypto holdings have soared as well but I don’t track that within my portfolio right now even though it’s becoming a bigger % of the overall pie.

    I still feel like it’s a bet more than an investment right now and am treating that money as such. I could see it double again or fall 80% in the next couple months.

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