April Net Worth Update

Hey fellow geeks, I’m excited to provide a month-end summary of our net worth for April, 2017!

Some Analysis

Over the last three months, our net worth has increased by $38,992 (+10.20%), growing from $382,000 to $422,000.

I typically receive a bonus ($7,000-$8,000 after taxes) at the beginning of each year. However, it throws off forecasting so, removing that, I am currently averaging $10,400 of monthly growth.

That’s enough to put us over the half million dollar mark by the end of this year. We’ll see what the stock market has to say about that.

Let’s cover the changes by category.

Change in Assets

Cash – While cash increased over $1,360 (+7.19%), it really didn’t all that much. We’ve got a $1,200 credit card bill that’s waiting to be paid so it’s almost a wash.

Coverdell ESA – We’re putting away the standard ESA max amount of $2,000 spread over 12 months. Naturally, we added our own $166.66 (+2.31%); however we saw market growth of $81.55 (+1.12%)

Brokerage Accounts – We added $3,300 (+5.27%) of our own cash to these accounts last month, but it increased overall by $4,421 (+7.06%). So we saw about $1,121 (+1.79%) of stock market growth.

Retirement Accounts – We added $2,366 (+1.44%) of our own cash (including my employer match) to these accounts, but it increased overall by $5,259 (+3.20%). So, we saw about $2,893 (+1.76%) of stock market growth.

Home – The real estate market in my area isn’t doing a whole lot. Overall, sales prices in my market decreased by 5% last quarter.

Cars – I’ve begun using straight-line depreciation for my cars since I don’t like having to look up my car values each month.  I’m using my cost as well as a 15 year usable life for each car. Since I buy my cars between 5 and 10 years of age, this should be more aggressive than actual value depreciation. It amounts to -$118 each month.

Personal Property – I bought some optics for my rifle… *thumbs up* … I do enjoy recreational shooting. I’m not an expert or a fanatic, but it’s a fun way for me to get out of the house and do something that requires focus and discipline.

Change in Liabilities

Credit Cards – I hadn’t paid the credit card as of the time of this post, these expenses amounted to gas, travel, food, car repairs, and a learning materials for real estate investment. All of these expenses have a home in one of my checking accounts.

Other Highlights

  • We are currently saving about $5,832.66 a month
  • We saw stock market growth of $4,095.55 in April
  • We live on about $2,820 a month (including healthcare premiums)
    • That’s $33,840 annually

Your Thoughts

Do you have any questions or feedback for me? Please leave a comment below. Also, if you enjoy my content, I hope you’ll subscribe. I’m working on some tools that I used while getting myself out of debt, and I plan to share them with my subscribers.

Until next time!

4 Replies to “April Net Worth Update”

  1. You’re doing great! You’re at the point where your NW can really swing due to market conditions. If you have a lucky year and get a 10% return, you’ve made $40,000 which is incredible! Hopefully I’ll be there by in the next 4-5 years. The math doesn’t quite add up, but I can dream!

    1. Hey David – something I found is that as time progresses, your jumps become exponentially higher. So, like with my real estate goals, I expect that if I want to buy 30 units in 3 years, it’ll look something like 5 in year 1 …. 10 in year 2 …. 15 in year 3.

      It sounds crazy to me now, but I’ve seen it happen so the data-driven side of my brain tells the fear-driven side of my brain to shushhh. I think it’ll happen that way with you, too. I’ve seen your monthly increases.

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