March Net Worth Update

This is my first monthly net worth update!

Let’s start with some historical data. The table below shows the $ and % change in our net worth over the last three years.

Net Worth To Date

The following charts show our net worth at the beginning of 2014 and runs all the way up to this month. Pretty straight forward for a couple that works steady 9-5 jobs with typical annual pay increases/bonuses.


Assets and Liabilities

Finally, this chart shows our liability history. We paid off our mortgage in the summer of 2014. Our second child was born in late 2015, which produced a good number of hospital bills, so it took me a few months to get all of them lined up and paid, but I wasn’t in a huge hurry since the baby was quite a time challenge for us.

The Future

My wife and I are not sure how much longer we want to stay in the 9-5 work game. Well, she’s already stopped working to help take care of our daughter who has a severe disability. But for me, I just keep thinking that even if I quit working my day job and started doing the exact same work for myself, I would make the same or much more per hour.

We waste so much time at work (easily 4 hours a day), so I just keep thinking, “well what if I was spending those 4 hours reading or writing, and then go do my IT thing and make 2-3x my current rate?” Anyway, we’re tossing around ideas, but our long-term goals are starting to look more like me quitting my job rather than become a C-level executive.

We’ve even toyed with plans of a 6-month hike in Spain in 2019. Saving $40,000 a year in cash alone will yield $80,000 by that time so even if we took a break to do the trip, I could come back and find another job if absolutely necessary. Have any of you done something like this before, and how did you plan/execute?


So that’s it. I am new to net worth tracking, so if you have any questions (or advice) I will take it openly. I’m sure these will prove to be valuable to me (at least), and I hope that this helps you in some way. Until Monday!

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