Am I a Rich Dad or a Poor Dad?

I watched my daughter walk through their house, in awe.

“Daddy, she has TWO rooms! Daddy, this room has a trampoline in it!”

Here’s the trampoline. I don’t think the kid, staring into your soul, comes with it. I didn’t realize they’re only $75, but we just wouldn’t have the space for something like this inside our house.

I avoided eye contact with Dave, a best friend of mine since high school. I had just realized for the first time that:

Some day, Daughter_01 will think that we are poor.

Some day, she’ll think that people like Dave are rich, and maybe she’ll even feel some shame about our “plight.”

For now, she’s 3.5, and she couldn’t care less. Still, what about when she’s older?

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Reading Recap: Real Estate Investing

I’ve been a busy bee learning about a new “side hustle” called real estate investing. I think calling it a side hustle is a bit of an understatement since it’s an endeavor that requires a decent amount of cash and/or risk, depending on how you approach it.

So in this post I’ll share the latest books I’ve read, the one I’m currently reading, and my impressions (and some nuggets I picked up) on them.

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How To Win With Cars: a Strategy Guide

Buying a car can be a stressful, time-consuming exercise. Have you experienced the kind of stress I’m talking about?

I’m going to share our recent car replacement experience and use it as a springboard for discussing the tenets we follow in this arena, which I believe have helped us be pretty darn successful. If you haven’t checked our net worth posts, you can get those here, or you can see the latest as of today:

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